SimpleITK is the result of a large team collaborative effort funded by the National Library of Medicine under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The main organizations leading the development of SimpleITK are:

NLM logo The Mayo Clinic
NIDCR logo The National Library of Medicine
NSF logo The University of Iowa
NEI logo Kitware Inc.

Who are the developers

The best way to determine the names of developers is to view the Git source code repository logs. Most of the early developers are listed in the following, however, many developers beyond those listed here will participate in the development of SimpleITK as the code grows and becomes more widely used.

Some of the early developers include:

  • Dan Blezek - Mayo Clinic
  • Brad Lowekamp - National Library of Medicine
  • Gabe Hart - Kitware Inc.
  • Hans Johnson - University of Iowa
  • David Cole - Kitware Inc.
  • Luis Ibanez - Kitware Inc.