Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are used by developers and users to communicate information about the projects. Currently, two mailing lists exist: the developer's list and the user's list. To join the lists go to the following locations and follow the instructions.
  • The insight-users list is open to the public. Use this list to post general questions, post bug reports or offer suggestions to improve ITK.

  • The insight-developers list is for developers. Use this list if you are interested in developing and contributing your own classes. Approval is required to join the list.
Searching the users mailing list

A search engine is available from Kitware's web site. This will return hits from the ITK mailing list as well a the CMake and VTK mailing lists.

The mailing lists are open to web robots, so it is possible to make queries on the users mailing list with the following link: Google search insight-users.